How It Works

Socialistic are trying to create a network of accounts so that we have something for everyone. All of our campaigns and tweets are completely transparent and we are planning on growing so that not only can we work with twitter accounts in all sectors, but provide a level of service to ensure you keep coming back.

Take Overs v3

Its more than just a tweet, it s a fully immersive, targeted campaign.

It’s where we rebrand the twitter account for a set amount of time (perhaps a 24/48 hour period) – which would include changing the livery (profile picture, header and background picture) – its using twitter as a vehicle!

As part of a take over a set number of tweets would be included (normally around 5-8 tweets per 24 hours) which we try and revolve around key times of the day.

Our most successful campaigns to date have all revolved around a “retweet competition” which is always an interactive fun experience for the followers.

Every one likes to win a prize, especially if its something they are interested in!

Keep in mind, “brand association” is key and it is our job make sure that there is an interest/fit from both the twitter account and the brand using it!

Using the power of twitter we deliver a highly targeted campaign with a reach that extends to the millions within hours. All of our account holders have 10’s of thousands of followers and enable brands like yourself to have a complete twitter takeover.

How does it work? We will introduce you to one of our many relevant twitter account holders and allow you the opportunity to do a fully integrated Take Over and get your message out there!

  1. You are a brand or product who wants to get maximum exposure to the right audience
  2. Socialistic have relationships in place with popular twitter accounts in all sectors/demographics
  3. By using one of our client accounts as a vehicle, you will get hundreds/thousands of relevant people interacting
  4. Like any form of promotion, we are confident that if the right eyes see it, the sky’s the limit!
socialistic-illustration2-v1-brands 02

We turn your loyal following in to a money making stream. We will use our wealth of experience and contacts to bring relevant and “on message” advertisers to your attention, putting money in your pocket with very little output from yourselves.

How does it work? You give us the green light and we will do everything!

  1. If you have a popular twitter account, let Socialistic maximise your following
  2. We have relationships with brands and products who are looking to target specific demographics
  3. For the right account, brands will pay for the privilege for high exposure
  4. You sit back and we will make your account work for you
socialistic-illustration-v1-accountholders 02
Celebrity Accounts 600x400

We are building up a network of popular celebrity twitter accounts.  Working with our celebs is slightly different as their tweeting offering does not included livery change.

Instead it revolves around a pre agreed fee for  a set amount of tweets.  We would suggest including a retweet competition and we insist that all tweets include #Ad or #Spons to ensure transparency.

Most of our celebs have over fifty thousand followers, which not only allows mass exposure, but it gives  the opportunity to pin point a specific target demographics with enormous volume.

View our celebrity and other Twitter profiles here.

Quality Control

It is imperative that we are confident of who we are representing. There is no point offering an account that has “bought followers” otherwise NO ONE benefits. Because of this we do a comprehensive analysis of every account we intend to work with.

There are a few key indicators that we look for:

1) Location

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 17.11.59At the moment all of our accounts have followers who are predominantly in the UK.

Most accounts have a large  percentage of “unknown” – this is because pre 2014 it was not necessary to include your location when signing up to twitter.

2) Activity

As most of the followers are in the UK it would stand to reason that they would be using their twitter during the times of 7am to Midnight (blue indicates lots of activity, white represents little or no activity)

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 17.14.44

3) Growth

We want to see a steady growth in followers. Spikes are not good! It is easy to tell when people buy followers as a graph usually gains thousands of followers in one day (and will generally lose 20-30% of those followers the next day. These are easy to spot and NOT who we are looking to work with.

We want to see this…

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 17.19.21

We do not want to see this…

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 17.22.04