Celebrity Accounts

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As we all know, the world of “celebrity” is a very powerful and influential voice within social media.  We are building a network of celebrities/influential twitter users that our brand/product clients can employ for the purpose of mass exposure.

Working with our celebrity accounts is slightly different as we don’t offer the option for a livery change.  We have pre-agreed fees with all of our accounts for a set number of tweets throughout a day (which can include retweet competitions) – NB the twitter account holder has the discretion to accept or decline any tweet/campaign offering.

We are very keen on making sure that our business is transparent and would therefore insist that all celebrity campaign tweets end with #AD or #Spon (so their followers know that this has been paid for and may not necessarily represent the opinions of said account holder)

If you would like to find out more about our celebrity family call us on 020 7781 8040 or contact us HERE