Socialistic was created by social media marketing experts Lee and James, who both come from a media sales background, as a targeted vehicle to connect with specific audiences. Social media is being used more and more throughout the world so it makes perfect sense to use its full potential. There are some forms of advertising that are more quantitive than qualitative (or vice versa) we believe that using twitter is BOTH!

Not only can you choose WHO you target, but also WHEN you target them, in addition to knowing HOW successful the campaign is!

James has been a customer facing sales professional for over 15 years. He has had specific experience within media and advertising, having headed the sales and customer service teams, for a major commercial production house specialising in conference coverage, video production for both private & public sectors.

Lee is a media professional with over 10 years experience. His expertise started with Sky Sports and most recently with one of the leading players in the magazine market place. He has extensive knowledge of advertising, sales and marketing with a flair for social media and brand awareness.

Both James and Lee have repeatedly delivered exceptional sales figures on multiple projects in print, online media and video content.